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Cameron Coates, Graduate student

In 2006 Cameron joined the Gerwick lab as a staff research associate and managed the labs cyanobacterial cultures, field expeditions, and extraction lab.  In 2008 Cameron began a PhD program in the Marine Biology Curricular Group and began his thesis research on cyanobcterial hydrocarbon biosynthesis.

Areas of expertise include molecular biology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, marine biology, marine chemistry, biofuels. PhD Thesis: Investigations Of The Structural Variability, Evolutionary History And Biosynthetic Mechanisms Of Cyanobacterial Hydrocarbons. Through an investigation of the structural diversity of hydrocarbon composition from a variety of cyanobacteria my research has revealed novel metabolic steps and parallel pathways. I am investigating the use of these unique enzymatic traits to genetically engineer microbes with enhanced capacity for biofuel production.





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